Support of the international expert community
To form an international strategy for the introduction of technology and support to the project by the professional community, an expert board was formed within the project.

The functions of the expert board include the development of proposals for segments of technology application, the development of clinical positioning, and the formation of a list of indications and contraindications, and support in the formation of partnerships in specific territories of implementation.
Professor, University of Milan, Italy
Dr. Mario Raviglionne
"The inhalation drug delivery in tuberculosis has always been a controversial and interesting topic, as it is possible to significantly reduce side effects."
(17.07.2019, Moscow)
World Health Organisation, Switzerland
Dr. Wieslaw Jakubowiak
"Inhalation delivery technologies, combined with calculation of the dose, make it possible to increase the effectiveness of treatment by more than 10% - the first break-through. By reducing the toxicity of drugs, it becomes possible to safely use a wide range of toxic drugs - which is the second break-through. Confirmation of the fact of drug administration ensures patient's persistence - the third break-through."
(30.01.2018, Novosibirsk)
Professor, University of North Carolina, USA
Dr. Anthony Hickey
"One of the main advantages of your method is to clean lungs during the inhalation. I recommend you to include this information to preclinical and clinical studies protocols. For the first step you should choose region with drug sensitive tuberculosis without HIV co-infection form"
(24.09.2018, Нью-Йорк)

Professor, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Dr. Afranio Kritski
"Inhalation delivery has significant advantages over taking pills. I recommend considering the possibility of transferring to the nanoaerosol form of new drugs, not only generics and conducting research on the project within the framework of the BRICS scientific network. Moreover you should make a meta-analysis of the available data for each of the drugs and treatment regimens for which the nanoaerosol technological platform is applicable"
(20.03.2019, Берлин)