Effective partnerships are a key for market leadership
Re-release of existing drugs in a new dosage form for local use will increase the competitiveness of the company's product portfolio. This, in turn, will increase market share or drug prices.

The release of inhaled drugs at the second stage, as a safe alternative to tablets and injections for systemic use, will change approaches in the treatment of severe diseases and propel to the top in this market segment.

Traceability of drugs produced with this technology from the plant to the patient, which will allow pharmaceutical companies to receive objective information for managing accounts receivable.

Commercialization of promising drugs that have been previously rejected due to strong side effects.

Data collection for the possible registration of the 4th phase of clinical trials without special organizational measures.

An additional image for a manufacturer of "gentle treatment" equipment using the latest digital technologies and telemedicine.

Minimum production and sales support capital expenditures.

Production of "non-counterfeit" drugs for their use with "non-counterfeit" inhalers.
We offer pharmaceutical companies cooperation on the market launch of inhalation drugs based on PM&HM technologies.
Potential benefits for pharmaceutical companies:
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