Personal medication &
health management
Medical technology platform to improve the efficacy of treatment of systemic and infectious diseases all over the world
Range of our products
Digital inhalers
Aerosol inhaler line for use in health care institutions, at home and at work
Software service
Applications for controlling the inhalation process providing the ability to monitor the process of treatment by a doctor

Medications for inhalations
Medication containers produced using the patented PM&HM technology

Digital aerosol inhaler «VivoSpiro» is the basis of the platform

Unique technology of treatment improves the four main features of the inhaled formulation for medication delivery:

We create a stable form of aerosol from solid and liquid forms of active substances

We identify the patient and objectively confirm the fact of taking a medication
We calculate the active substance dose received by the patient with high accuracy
We reduce the toxicity of treatment under chemotherapy programs 5 or more times

Software service

The inhaler is controlled through a user-friendly interface at the workplace of a doctor or a nurse (for stationary version of the inhaler) or by using an application on a mobile phone (for home and portable version of the inhaler).
Software functions:

- It is responsible for management of the inhalation process, for an accurate calculation of the dose and identification of the patient and the active substance used.

- It is designed to collect, store, transmit and digitally process information on the facts of medication intake by patients.

- It is to load data on new active substances, reveal the facts of use of counterfeit medications, accumulate data on treatment and generate reports based on big data processing technologies.

Personal Medication and Health Management platform

The platform consists technologies, products and services for diagnostic and treatment of systemic and infectious diseases under the PM & HM™ brand name
Advantages of the platform:
- It can be used with different active substances in different forms;
- It creates opportunities for patient identification and traceability of treatment processes;
- It can be used with different aerosol generation technologies;
- The database on the company's server contains information about each procedure on the PM&HM equipment;
- The open nature of the platform is aimed at the integration of third-party devices and services solving complementary or similar challenges.